Leadership is Everything – Especially During and Following a Crisis

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There are four key elements needed for success today: Projects, Profits, People, and Purpose. This program is designed to focus on a number of the most important “People” aspects.
Goal: Especially during this time of concern and change, provide critical tools and insights to current and aspiring leaders and managers to improve our individual, team, and collective health, growth, and resiliency.

This four-part online webinar series will take place from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST on Tuesdays in May 2020. We recommend all webinar viewers to purchase the bundled package to watch all four modules of the series.

After you purchase each module (or bundle), you will be registered for the webinar(s) automatically and receive confirmation details within 24 hours.

MODULE OUTLINE: Each module is worth 1 PDH/LU
Module 1 – Critical Awareness
Live Module will be taking place at 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST on Tuesday, May 5
Being aware is fundamental to having a high level of emotional intelligence, which is a cornerstone of great leadership and management.  In this session, we cover:

  • How the purpose and expectations of leadership, business, and organizations have changed.
  • The power and loss of emotional intelligence.
  • How to become aware of how you are seen (i.e., your brand) as an individual, team, and organization.
  • How results are driven by behaviors, values, and beliefs

Module 2 – Essential Self-Care
Live Module will be taking place at 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST on Tuesday, May 12
Leaders and managers are called upon to “feed” others, but too often don’t take the time to be “fed” themselves.  In this session, we cover:

  • How to prevent burnout and avoid the Burnout-Disengagement Cycle.
  • The need for margin.
  • The four key relationships needed for a full life.
  • How to design your “To Be” list.

Module 3 – Inspiring Others
Live Module will be taking place at 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST on Tuesday, May 19
The best leaders and managers are able to engage with and inspire others.  In this session, we cover:

  • The target logic model for work today.
  • The three types of purpose.
  • True employee engagement and engaging for the “seasons”.
  • Designing for transformation, not “experience”.

Module 4 – The Need for Growth
Live Module will be taking place at 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST on Tuesday, May 26
Personal, professional, and organizational growth is essential for success.  In this session, we cover:

  • New Era organizational growth.
  • The S-curve phenomenon, season-shifting, and re-defining goals.
  • Coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and avoiding the “lonely at the top” and other common traps.
  • The need to ACT before IMPACT.

This webinar series will be presented by ActionProve’s President & Founder, Peter C. Atherton and moderated by Zweig Group’s President and CEO, Chad Clinehens. 

Pete Atherton Bio:
Peter C. Atherton, P.E. is an AEC industry insider having spent more than 24 years as a successful professional civil engineer, principal, major owner, and member of the board of directors for high-achieving firms.  Pete is now the President and Founder of ActionsProve, LLC (www.actionsprove.com), author of “Reversing Burnout. How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow! A Blueprint for Professionals and Business Owners”, and the creator of the I.M.P.A.C.T. process.

Pete is also the host of The AEC Leadership Today Podcast (https://actionsprove.com/podcast/) and leads The AEC Leadership Mastermind (http://www.actionsprove.com/what-we-do/mastermind).

Pete works with AEC firms to grow and advance their success through enhanced strategic planning, executive coaching, leadership and management development, performance-based employee engagement, and corporate impact design.  Connect with him at pete@actionsprove.com.

Chad Clinehens Bio:
Chad Clinehens is the president and CEO of Zweig Group. Passionate about the business side of design and technical service firms, Chad has built a career on leading them through growth and change. He has worked with AEC firms throughout the U.S. on a variety of needs – strategic business planning, turnarounds, partner separations, organizational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and sales, growth campaigns, and more.

As a registered professional engineer, Chad brings an in-depth knowledge of what makes professional service firms and the people who work for them unique. Working in the industry for more than 20 years, he has been involved in many aspects of the business including design, project management, department management, regional office management, and directional leadership. He holds a MBA and BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas and is a registered professional engineer in several states.

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